Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  I have some Thoughts on the Product I just Purchased. How do I Share my Experience?

  Can I view my Previous Orders?

  Can I save Items to Order Later?

  How do I search for an Item?

  What is your Return Policy?

  Can I Change my Delivery Address?

  Supported Devices

  FineLyf Customer Service Hours


  How to Order?

  I had a product in my cart, but it's no longer available. What happened?

  What if the Item I ordered is no Longer in Stock?

  I want to Edit the Items in my Order, Can I do this?


  What are my Payment Options?

  Do you accept COD/Cash on Delivery?

  Can someone else pay Cash-on-Delivery (COD) for my Orders on my behalf?

  How do I know if my payment went through?

  How do I Pay via Credit Card?

  Paypal Issues

  How do I Pay via PayPal?

  What to do if my Payment is Declined?

Shipping and Receiving

  Do you Deliver Outside Metro Manila?

  Do you Offer Free Shipping?

  How do I Track my Order?

  When do I expect my order? Do you accept orders on weekends and outside business hours?

  Can I choose my preferred delivery date?

  The order was shipped, and I still haven’t received it

  Can I choose not to accept some items from my order upon delivery?

  I have received the wrong item or package. What should I do?

  If the delivery failed, what’s next?

Discount Promos

  How do I use my Discount/Promo Code?

  Do you Offer Special Promotions?


  Is it Safe to Transact with my Credit Card?

  Does Finelyf keep my Credit Card Info?