Dr.Top - Miracle Golden Oil Serum 100ml

It's containing natural fatty acid (over 80%), Vitamin E, and 4 times more tocopherol, Miracle Golden Serum helps make the hair healthy with powerful antioxidant effect and its unique rich moisturizing texture.



Apply the product on the entire wet hair. Apply once more after drying for smoother and shinier hair. For severely damaged hair, mix the product with water and massage for a better result
Dr. Top Miracle Golden Oil Serum extracted from miraculous fruits that keep the hair moisturized, glowing and elastic
Natural habitat of argan oil - Extracted from the fruits of argan trees which only grows in Essaouira and Agadir in southwest Morocco which is designated by UNESCO as preservative zones. Contains fatty acid - Rich in fatty acid that contains abundant oleic acid and linolenic acid also known as highly functional oil with an exceptional moisturizing effect. Compared to olive oil - Argan oil contains approximately 4 times more tocopherol (vitamin E) than olive oil.

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