Home Cleaning and Survival Gift Basket

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Home Cleaning and Survival Gift Basket is made to ease the season's cleaning and preparation for visitors and family reunions.

1 pc. Puricare Hand Sanitizer

1 pc. Scotch Brite Toilet Cleaner

1 pc. Scotch Brite Bathroom & Laundry Longer Cuffs (Yellow) S

1 pc. Champion Bar

1 pc. Soolit Detergent Powder

1 pc. Scotch Brite Stripping Pad

1 pc. Scotch Brite Scrub Sponge

1 pc. Scotch Brite Hand Scrubber

1 pc. Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil 8 Metres Long

1 pc. Reynolds Double Zipper Bags Storage

1 pc. Soolit Liquid Detergent

1 pc. Soolit Air Freshener Fresh Bamboo

1 pc. Generosa Organics After Biz Spray Lemon