Kitchen Storage and Cleansing Gift Basket

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The kitchen may be one of the best places in the house but it also is the messiest part during the holidays with all the cooking and preparations for a Christmas dinner feast.

1 pc. Puricare Hand Sanitizer

1 pc. Reynolds Zipper Bag Sandwich

1 pc. Reynolds Double Zipper Bags Freezer

1 pc. Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil 8 Metres Long

1 pc. Reynolds Super Seal Plastic Cling Wrap

1 pc. Scotch Brite Bottle Cleaner

1 pc. Scotch Brite Bathroom & Laundry Longer Cuffs (Pink) L

1 pc. Soolit Liquid Detergent, 1 pc. Scotch Brite Stripping Pad

1 pc. Scotch Brite Household Scrubber, 1 pc. Reynolds Double Zipper Bags Storage

1 pc. Generosa Organics All Purpose Disinfectant Spray Lemon