Pedigree Dentastix Small Green Tea 75g

Pedigree dentastix- fresh treats small green tea is a snack for small breed adult dogs. The product is a chewy textured treat that is designed to promote oral health and breath-freshening in adult dogs. It is an x-shape, stick-like, extruded product with a green color which delivers daily oral care efficacy in a tasty convenient treat. The unique texture is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Look for the patented x-shaped treat. With green tea extract which helps reduce tartar build-up. Unique X-shape to clean in between the teeth & other hard-to-reach areas. Abrasive and chewy texture. Active ingredient: Zinc Sulphate and STPP. High calcium, low fat and no sugar added.         Show your love by donating 50 Php to SOS Children's Village or Pawssion Project. Simply go to Shop - Change-A-Lyf or click Change-A-Lyf



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