Purederm Lovely Design Miracle Shape-up Treatment

purederm SKU: PLDMSUPT


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1. Purederm color skin Lovely Design Miracle Shape-up Mask, made of high-moisturizing hydrogel with superb elasticity and primer less adhesion to help tone sagging skin and double chin for sharper, smoother facial contours.

2. The incorporated ear loops pull skin tight, enhancing the mask’s face-lifting power for maximum results. Fabric with excellent elasticity & resilience.- Stretchy and resilient fabric is wrapped like a bandage and tightly attached to the skin, doubling the lifting effect and effectively applying active ingredients to the skin.

3. Emotionally and lovely designed Pink Color & Shape!- COLOR!SKIN brand is aimed at a sensual, colorful young sensibility.

4. Lovely Design Miracle Shape-up Mask is an emotional facial lifting mask that allows you to feel the joy of coloring while using the mask.Contains emollient ingredients.- Contains PPC Liposome for more effective care, Coenzyme Q-10 and Collagen provide rich nutrition to the skin, Caffeine and Pumpkin Extracts make you feel confident.

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