Toddliebaby - Gentle Touch Diapers Size L 40pcs

WEIGHT RECOMMENDATION: 1 pack of 40 large-size baby diaper for babies up to 14kgs. WHITE PLAIN PRINT BABY DIAPERS: Our baby diapers are hypoallergenic, very gentle, ultra-absorbent, and safe with soft, stretchy side tabs, comfortable elastic waistband for a snug, secure fit. PREMIUM PROTECTION & COMFORT: Our baby diapers are very gentle on baby's skin, with feathery soft cotton and breathable liner that rapidly funnels the moisture away, keeping your baby's skin smooth and hydrated. 100% SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Free from chlorine bleaching, phthalates, lotions and fragrances, Toddliebaby is safe for your baby because we want what's best for your little one. PREMIUM LEAK GUARD BARRIER: Premium quality leak-proof diapers that have superior protection for your baby. All our baby diapers have a a wetness indicator that changes from yellow to blue when it's time for a diaper change.



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7 months ago

Comfortable and Fresh cotton feel. My nephew never had any skin problems or rashes. :-)


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